The Future is Precision Learning

We are developing tools to empower students with bespoke education curriculum tailored to their needs.

What Makes Us Special - We help students through tailored education that is powered by AI.

We are building a tools to identify where a student has issues and correct them specifically for that student.

  • Specific. Not every student is going to struggle on the same problems. We are building a platform that helps students catch up by giving them exactly what they need.
  • Persistant. We track how the student is progressing over time and provide tools to show that they are moving in the right direction.
  • Sophisticated. We are at the forefront of modern AI development. We use the latest tools and are building off the latest academia in terms of how we treat individualized AI.
  • Cheap. Our early statistics have shown that the cost relative to the improvement is drastic and we will be coming out with official statistics soon.